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Since 1991, Schwegel Communications has grown almost exclusively from customer referrals. Here is what they say about us:


"Tell the Team thank you so much! We all appreciate the quick and professional service!"


"I am so glad we found your company, you’ve been extremely helpful with a situation that’s been frustrating us for a long time."


"I was so pleased with the work Bob did. I told my wife I would be late because of all the work to be done. I couldn't believe it when Bob came at 4:00 p.m. and told me he was finished!"


"We had high praise for the work that your crew did-it was work beyond our expectations!"


"Thanks for the speedy service during the holiday season. Your guys were very fast and completely professional."


"Kim said he got nothing but compliments on [the tech] and what a great job he did. His words, 'we’re used to chaos, and this move went without a hitch. Thank you so much.'"


"I can't tell you how appreciative I am of you and your staff.  Last time I called, you had John come over here so quickly and he resolved our issue right away.  It is so nice having a neutral party determine what exactly is going on with our system as we find too often that companies like to place blame on 'the other guys' and deny that it is their problem. You both are so nice to work with and I never hesitate to say a good word about you guys!"


"A big thanks for [the tech's] good work that night and in general the cabling work was fantastic…"


I just want to say how much I love the guys from Schwegel that come out to do service for me. They are always so pleasant and helpful and have great attitudes - they don’t even complain about how dusty the conditions can be here. Plus they keep at a problem, offering suggestions as needed, until we figure out the right solution. It’s great working with them!  


"I can’t say enough thanks to you for...all the help over the last couple of years. I went from knowing very little about phone systems to being fairly proficient. Most of that was due to your, and the rest of the crew at Schwegels, help."


“I bragged your guys up a lot, and they delivered!” 


"Everyone was raving about working with your tech did last night. They don’t usually call to tell me that, so I wanted to make sure you know that he did a good job."


"I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service yesterday!  Always wonderful doing business with you guys!"


"I appreciate your quick response as well as the open communication! Thank you for fair billing...We are thoroughly satisfied with the professional work your company provides."


“I would also like to let you know: the gentleman that you had here was awesome, he was very personable,  caring,  understanding,  and did a great job. Working with him made the move very easy."


"You have always done a great job and I have enjoyed working with your team."


I really do appreciate the extra effort from you and your team at Schwegel!


"Terri is the best at this, she has a way with customers and can talk to almost anyone, and walk them thru regardless of their knowledge.”


"We’ve had nothing but excellent service from Schwegel Communications over many years..."


"Thanks for all your help with our phone system over the past almost two decades.  It (and you all) have certainly served us well!"   


"The tech really went out of his way to be sure things were right. He was very courteous. He got the whole job done as I requested. You’re lucky to have him in your employ."


“If it weren’t for your techs, the job would not have happened. I can’t believe you got it done!"


"I just wanted to take a moment and say 'well done!'  In eight years of doing office moves and remodels, this is the first one with zero defects when I ran my cable tester.  I also appreciate the neat job routing the cable into the LAN cabinet."


"Schwegel has provided us with prompt, accurate and friendly service for many years."


"We just wanted you to know who much we appreciate the work you did for us and how quickly you got the job done." 


"Several people mentioned they didn't even realize phone work was being done, it happened so smoothly."


"A special thanks to you for the work you did last week when we changed our phone service."  


"Tech is doing a great job. Love working with him."